City Council Resolution on Google Fiber

Mary Beth Henry, Deputy Director of the Office of Cable Communications and Franchise Management, sent us this message about tomorrow’s city council meeting:

Just a reminder about the Google Resolution at the upcoming Portland City Council meeting on Wednesday March 17 at 10:30 am. It would be great if testimony reflected the wide variety of creative’s in Portland.

Testimony is up to three minutes and you can sign up just outside the Council Chambers beginning at 9:30. The Council meetings are streamed live and on cable channel 30. This is your opportunity to talk, sing, dance etc. in your own way about why Google should select Portland. Thanks!

Because this is a “time certain” resolution, you won’t have to hang out for hours if you want to comment, or just watch the discussion. Having a packed chambers for resolutions like this helps solidify the resolve of council members, so please make a point of coming, and remember to be green for fiber.

If you’d like to read the resolution ahead of time, it’s available here.

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