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Why Do You Want Fiber?

So far, Sheldon, Ward, Crystal and David have told us why they want open-access, community fiber. We’ll be posting more videos, soon, but right now, tell us why you want fiber.

I want fiber, in part, because I don’t have Cable or Satellite TV, I don’t have a DVR and I don’t subscribe to Netflix. If I’m not home to watch something when it’s broadcast, I use the Internet to watch it (legally). Sometimes this works great, and other times it’s slow and unreliable. Sometimes (like with the Olympics) I couldn’t even get the broadcast, because I was not on an approved ISP.

I see open-access fiber as a way of leveling the playing field, so that content creators can provide their content directly to consumers. This will improve the experience for consumers, and also open up the door to new content creators who can take advantage of dealing directly with their audience.

Why do you want fiber?

David Olson on Community Fiber

David Olson, Director of the Cable Franchise Management Office, discusses open-access community fiber, and the City’s response to Google.
Here’s a great piece the Willamette Week did back in ’99 about David and the City’s battle with AT&T (now Comcast). You’ll note the similarities between what we face now, with no fiber in Portland while Verizon customers in Washington County have it, and the situation with slow broadband rollouts a decade ago.