Daily Archives: March 26, 2010

Celebrate the Birth of the Portland Community Fiber Movement

Teresa Boze writes:

An invitation to the Beer and Blog and the Creative Community to celebrate wiki’s 15th Birthday, and PDXfiber’s 1Gb 1st.

“We changed the way the way software code was done world wide because I could”- Ward Cunningham, Wiki inventor.

The small miracle under Ward Cunningham’s desk that became wiki began 15 years ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPNJuHje4w4 @BeerandBlog and the creative community are invited to help celebrate WikiBirthday 15 at AboutUs, and meet their very special guest, Mark Ivanov, co-founder of DavisWiki, “the world’s best civic wiki.”

In the spirit of open access, AboutUs invites the creative community and Beer and Blog to come on up and celebrate the #PDXFiber advent of 1GbFiber’s beginnings. Let’s be the city with the platform for the Killer App! “Everything wants to be connected.”- Sheldon Renan, Ubiquitous Netness

107 Southeast Washington Street
Portland, OR 97214

Friday, March 26th
After 6:15pm
entry after 6:15 if no one at the door, call:

For entry call:
503-488-5763 enter 5