Lafayette’s Municipal Fiber is cash positive after only 3 years

The LUS Fiber system, a municipally-owned fiber project started taking customers in early 2009. Over the last three months, the books have tipped to cash-positive. That is, revenue exceeds bond payments and operating expenses. That means they can either lower prices, or accelerate bond payments. It is a validation of the model of public ownership of communications infrastructure that incumbent carriers, such as the cable and phone franchisees, would rather you never, ever heard about. It is well past time for Portlanders to seriously consider how we get there as well. Ask your candidates where they stand on the issue. Point them at the model we prefer.

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President of Personal Telco Project since August 2009, an officer and Board member since March 2006. Works professionally as a Scientific Data Analyst and Programmer. Also an active member of the Portland Linux Users Group.

3 thoughts on “Lafayette’s Municipal Fiber is cash positive after only 3 years

  1. Hi, has there been any movement toward a public municipal fiber Internet? How did the city vote on the broadband plan?
    Please tell me that this horrendous monopoly situation in Portland won’t be forever… they just doubled my monthly fee for crappy 25mbit cable Internet.

  2. Just wanted to check in to see if this blog is still active. I work for a local telco that is actively negotiating with the city to begin a large-scale fiber deployment on the Eastside. Love to chat with you about the project and potential challenges.

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