Portland Glassblowers Introducing Google 1 Gbit Fat Pipe

Hot on the heels of Hopworks’ Gigabit IPA, a few enthusiastic Portland glassblowers have announced the Google 1 Gbit Fat Pipe:

In honor of Portland’s bid for Google’s historic 1 Gbit Fiber project, local glassblowers Andrew Clifton and Anthony Kaufman have created the Google 1 Gbit Fat Pipe. The 1 Gbit Fat Pipe promises an unparalleled and future-ready smoking experience, beyond anything previously offered in the United States. Though it is designed for tobacco use, the open design of the 1 Gbit Fat Pipe is compatible with local laws both current, and those that may be changed through pending referendums.

According to Clifton, “Portland is clearly the best city for Google’s 1 Gbit Fiber, and we believe the city and community response speak to that. We’re just trying to do our part to generate some buzz.”

The 1 Gbit Fat Pipe will be available for purchase through your local glass art dealer in early May.

Update: More info is apparently available here.

2 thoughts on “Portland Glassblowers Introducing Google 1 Gbit Fat Pipe

  1. We already did this. We don’t know who these glass artists are, but we already made this pipe. It will be shown at the Gigabit IPA party this afternoon. Good for them, but we beat them to it. We can send you a pic, it is done. Hell, call us! 503 422 6704. The real news.

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